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Review Lake Toba Indonesia – Lake Toba is located in North Sumatra is one of the most beautiful volcanic lake owned by Indonesia. With an area reaching 1,145 square kilometers, Lake Toba looks like an ocean at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. Besides referred to as the largest lake in Southeast Asia, the lake has a depth of 450 meters is also the deepest lake in the world.

In the middle of Lake Toba, there is an island called Pulau Samosir. Samosir Island has two small lakes are Lake and Lake Aek Natonang Sidihoni. Samosir island has an area almost as large as the state of Singapore is not an empty island, the island is home to Samosir Batak tribe. Batak tribe who live d Pulau Samosir still adhere to ancestral beliefs. They also still run the usual rituals of our ancestors.
Samosir island

Samosir island

Samosir Island there are two villages visited by many tourists, namely Tomok and Tuktuk. Tomok is a village that has many interesting attractions such as the tomb of King Sidabutar, Batak Museum and the puppet dance performances Sigale-gale popular. In contrast to agen judi sbobet Tomok which has many historical sights, Tuktuk is a village where there are many inns for travelers.

Not only Samosir Island is the appeal of these places, of Lake Toba is also surrounded by pine forests and several waterfalls and hot springs in the forest. Scenery around the lake is very beautiful with a relatively cool air so that you would like to linger here.

For Batak people who were in the vicinity of this lake, Lake Toba is not just the natural attractions that have incredible beauty. They believe that the Lake Toba became a goddess bersemayamnya seven Batak or commonly referred to Namborru. Every time will carry out activities around the lake, the community will pray and ask for permission beforehand in order to get a blessing and events to run smoothly.
History of Lake Toba
Lake Toba

Lake Toba

Like most natural sights in Indonesia, in addition to having scientific history, Lake Toba also save folklore believed to be the origin of the formation of this lake.

According to the folklore that has been widely circulated, Lake Toba is formed of a family story stealth fish. In ancient times, there was a young man who was fishing in the river and then managed to get a fish. Unlike other fish, fish that obtainment can talk and asked not to be cooked. The fish are then turned into a very beautiful woman named Toba.
Lake Toba

Lake Toba

Long story short, the two were married, but there is a demand for Toba which should not be violated him. There should be no one knows who they are married to beautiful women. Their marriage goes fine until they have a boy named Samosir ornery and always hungry.

Semeti, Lombok Beach Like Planet Krypton

Among the many beaches in Lombok, Semeti Beach is probably the most unique. Not why, the atmosphere there like a fiction film Planet Krypton in Superman!

Not enough for a day or two exploring Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). Cities with the nickname ‘Thousand Mosques’ is many keep hidden natural beauty such as beaches, some of which are rarely touched by a traveler.

One of the beaches are rarely touched Semeti beach in the village of Mekar Sari, District of West Praya, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). This beach according to the story is still not frequently visited by tourists because of the distance from the city center.

detikTravel also try to visit the beach Semeti on Thursday (04/07/2016). Using motorcycles, departing from Mataram City around 10:00 pm.

The sun was shining spirit NTB today. However, it did not dampen the spirit of detikTravel to arrive at the location that he said is similar to the location in the film ‘Superman: Man of Steel.

Suasanya is like on other planets (ambassador here / d Traveler)

For the uninitiated, the character of Superman is reported to have super powers and comes from the Planet Krypton. In the film, Planet Krypton planet described as crystals. Well, the view can be found in Turkish Semeti in Lombok.

May not be exact, but the rock is in Turkish Semeti really looks like crystal on the Planet Krypton physically. The difference is that this is real and not imaginary artificial nature.

The trip from the city of Mataram up to Semeti Beach takes 2.5 hours. detikTravel got Semeti Beach around 12:30 pm. All the way from Mataram to Mekar Sari, the streets were winding and up and down.

But the streets are paved and smooth not make the trip to be disturbed. Along the way to the beach, you will also find beautiful rice fields and hills-Beautiful-pretty hills.

Recommended when Turkish Semeti using the motor alone. Although the road to the beach is nice, but the road is wide enough to inhibit your time. In addition, do not forget to bring food and beverages. Because in Turkish Semeti no merchant who sells drinks and food.

Semeti beach rocks were like rocks krypton (Yudhistira / detikTravel)

Street signs were minimal regarding the location of the beach make an extra traveler must ask in order not to get lost. Towards until near the beach, the paved road turns into gravel and sand.

You will find the checkpoints and the beach. In that post, visitors will be asked for the ticket money of Rp 5 thousand. In the post, I suggest you ask well the direction in which the road to the beach Semeti. Given the course of the past paddy fields and huts belonging to farmers.

Arrived in Turkish Semeti, a beauty to be seen. Although the sun makes the weather gets hot, but it paid off with the stunning beauty of the coast.

The beach was completely deserted. When detikTravel visit, there was only a tourist from Switzerland who were enjoying the beauty of the beach. Another fact, in Turkish Semeti there are many rocks.