Indonesia Vs Myanmar, Notes on Last 15 minutes

Indonesia Vs Myanmar, Notes on Last 15 minutes

A painful goal from Malaysia in the semi-finals proved that the focus of Indonesia U-22 national team to relax in the crucial minutes towards the end of the game.

Flexibility to focus on the vital period that should not be repeated when U-22 Indonesia national team to face Myanmar in the third place seizure seizard SEA Games 2017 at Selayang, Tuesday (29/08/2017).

The reason, Myanmar actually experienced the sharpest period when the game moved towards the end.

Throughout the group phase until the semi-finals, Myanmar is categorized sharply by pouring 12 goals.

A total of six goals in between or 50 percent of their collection appeared during the 75-90 minute period.

That is, Myanmar is a team of specialists enemy goal breaker in quarter of an hour or 15 minutes last.

Exactly with the window of time when Thanabalan Nadarajah goalkeeper Indonesia to pass Malaysia to the final (86th minute).

In five games at the SEA Games 2017, Myanmar only once failed to score.

The incident came when they were knocked out of Thailand in the semi-finals (0-1).

The rest, Aung Thu cs always finish the game with a goal note.

The six goals they scored in the last 15 minutes including injury time came to the goal of Laos (2 goals), Brunei (3), and Malaysia (1).

After 75-90 minutes, the next sharpest tempo in Myanmar’s camp was the last 15 minutes of the first half.

They scored three goals during that period.

In other words, the last quarter-hour time window in each round needs to get special attention from Hansamu Yama et al in Indonesian defense.

As for one other goal suffered by Garuda Young appeared in the 14th minute by Thai players, Chaiyawat Buran.

Interestingly, Myanmar actually has a late tradition of hot with never once make a goal in the first 15 minutes of the game.

Indonesia conceded goals
vs Thailand 1-1 (Chaiyawat Buran 14 ‘)
Vs Philippines 3-0
Vs Timor Leste 1-0
vs Vietnam 0-0
Vs Cambodia 2-0
vs Malaysia 0-1 (Thanabalan 86 ‘)

Goals include Myanmar
Vs Singapore 2-0 (Aung Thu 45 + 1 ‘, 60’)
vs. Laos 3-1 (Aung Thu 37 ‘, Shwe Ko 90 + 2’, Bo Bo 90 + 4 ‘)
vs Brunei 6-0 (Aung Thu 24 ‘, Sithu Aung 40’, Kaung Mann 73 ‘, 85’, Maung Lwin 90 + 1 ‘, Than Paing 90 + 3’)
vs Malaysia 1-3 (Than Paing 85 ‘)
vs Thailand 0-1

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