Semeti, Lombok Beach Like Planet Krypton

Among the many beaches in Lombok, Semeti Beach is probably the most unique. Not why, the atmosphere there like a fiction film Planet Krypton in Superman!

Not enough for a day or two exploring Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). Cities with the nickname ‘Thousand Mosques’ is many keep hidden natural beauty such as beaches, some of which are rarely touched by a traveler.

One of the beaches are rarely touched Semeti beach in the village of Mekar Sari, District of West Praya, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). This beach according to the story is still not frequently visited by tourists because of the distance from the city center.

detikTravel also try to visit the beach Semeti on Thursday (04/07/2016). Using motorcycles, departing from Mataram City around 10:00 pm.

The sun was shining spirit NTB today. However, it did not dampen the spirit of detikTravel to arrive at the location that he said is similar to the location in the film ‘Superman: Man of Steel.

Suasanya is like on other planets (ambassador here / d Traveler)

For the uninitiated, the character of Superman is reported to have super powers and comes from the Planet Krypton. In the film, Planet Krypton planet described as crystals. Well, the view can be found in Turkish Semeti in Lombok.

May not be exact, but the rock is in Turkish Semeti really looks like crystal on the Planet Krypton physically. The difference is that this is real and not imaginary artificial nature.

The trip from the city of Mataram up to Semeti Beach takes 2.5 hours. detikTravel got Semeti Beach around 12:30 pm. All the way from Mataram to Mekar Sari, the streets were winding and up and down.

But the streets are paved and smooth not make the trip to be disturbed. Along the way to the beach, you will also find beautiful rice fields and hills-Beautiful-pretty hills.

Recommended when Turkish Semeti using the motor alone. Although the road to the beach is nice, but the road is wide enough to inhibit your time. In addition, do not forget to bring food and beverages. Because in Turkish Semeti no merchant who sells drinks and food.

Semeti beach rocks were like rocks krypton (Yudhistira / detikTravel)

Street signs were minimal regarding the location of the beach make an extra traveler must ask in order not to get lost. Towards until near the beach, the paved road turns into gravel and sand.

You will find the checkpoints and the beach. In that post, visitors will be asked for the ticket money of Rp 5 thousand. In the post, I suggest you ask well the direction in which the road to the beach Semeti. Given the course of the past paddy fields and huts belonging to farmers.

Arrived in Turkish Semeti, a beauty to be seen. Although the sun makes the weather gets hot, but it paid off with the stunning beauty of the coast.

The beach was completely deserted. When detikTravel visit, there was only a tourist from Switzerland who were enjoying the beauty of the beach. Another fact, in Turkish Semeti there are many rocks.

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